Stalking as sexy? Adam Levine pushes Robin Thicke off top spot as pop hero for misogynists

The fact that most people think feminists are man-haters is just incredulous when male-dominated culture spews women-hating narratives in our faces everyday. In collective women’s raped, tortured, butchered, abused, oppressed, stalked, harassed, shamed and blamed faces, everyday. Misogyny steals our lives and hurts so deep that dying becomes preferable to living. It hurts even more when an extremely famous pop star voted ‘sexiest man alive’ makes music and video about stalking, raping and butchering us like meat. As if it needed the promotion. This is what Adam Levine from banal band Maroon 5 has done. This man is so yawnsomely predictable that he married a woman who models for Victoria’s Secret, the pinnacle of female purpose in our monstrous, patriarchal, hyper-masculine culture. In Maroon 5’s video, Animals, Levine is trying really really hard to be edgy by playing a butcher by day and a stalker by night. His new wife plays his victim. I have just signed the petition on calling for a stalkers register. This will help police to track stalkers instead of putting the onus on the victims in the run-up to their murder. Levine sings that he will ‘hunt you down’ and ‘eat you alive’, photographing his victim and getting in her bed while she sleeps sexily. We see him in his abattoir/basement getting intimate with hanging meat. Women, meat, what’s the difference? In the end our hero gets to sexually conquer his victim in a blood-drenched crescendo.

The glamorisation of stalking, is not new and edgy. Justin Timberlake did it with Cry Me A River and again in 2007 with Timbaland and 50 Cent in Ayo Technology. Stalking is torture. Many stalkers are exes. It involves terrifying threats that stop you sleeping, stop you working, stop you living. It involves 24 hour harassment and ends in murder. Jane Clough’s stalker stabbed her 71 times. The blood-curdling rape and mutilation of girls and women internationally is routine, everyday and of no importance to most people. Most people see it as isolated incidents at the hands of freaks. They sleepwalk through life without joining the dots of a structural and cultural male violence against women. Feminists have to swallow this truth whilst men work hard to silence and shame us as man haters. No more apologetic soothing to convince men we don’t hate them, to convince them that our culture dehumanises them too. As Emma Watson addressed men in her speech for the HeForShe campaign, ‘gender equality is your issue too’ and it’s high time to get on board. Tell the world you are not ‘animals’ and stop this shit. Reclaim your humanity from the narrow model of aggressive masculinity that needs to feel power over women. Join groups like Men Against Violence, who have spoken out against Levine on Twitter, Men Can Stop Rape and the White Ribbon Campaign. Get acquainted with The Good Men Project.

Robin Thicke may be relieved or attention deprived to know that he can step down as prime pop misogynist for a while (just ker-azy that Pharrell Williams, who brought us Lapdance, and probably wrote Blurred Lines not only escapes this label but got mistaken for a feminist!) The Rewind&Reframe campaign is calling for music videos to be age rated in the same way as films and video games. This awesome project from young girls calls on the music industry to stop making videos that represent women as sex objects and stop pushing racist stereotypes. This week, news is that UK record labels are piloting a scheme to apply for ratings from the BBFC. It’s a step in the right direction but does not include the US and voluntary codes don’t work. Meanwhile normcore Maroon 5 make rape and mutilation porn and it is presented as love, it is presented as sexy and it is called ‘pop’.

Jessica Valenti on the harm of ‘Animals’

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