The end of cool: Who’s up for a Playboy party?

I can think of few thinks more embarrassing than having my picture taken with Cooper Hefner, the 22 year old son of Hugh Hefner, who wants to be just like his pornographer father. Pictures in the press of Kate Moss cosying up with Cooper, following her first shoot for Playboy, signals the end of cool. Lending your name, and body parts, to Playboy is lending them to corporate misogyny. That’s a lot more harmful than just sprinkling your hipster dust on a monumentally naff brand.

Playboy has marketed itself as the acceptable, child-friendly face of porn – using its cute bunny motif to sell Playboy pencil cases and single duvet covers to school girls and opening a store on Oxford street with pink clothing. Playboy has become a global brand by selling women as  ‘Piss Loving lesbian Sluts’, ‘Bound, Gagged and Shagged’, ‘Extreme Insertions’ and ‘Barely 18 Anal Virgins’. Playboy operate several porn channels in the UK and often refer to women as ‘bitches’, ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’. They market their pornography with language that implies coercion or violence against women. As the campaign group, Bin the Bunny rightly describe it, Playboy are ‘grooming’ girls into believing that being a bunny or ‘playmate’ is something to aspire to. Meanwhile, in what academics and feminists call ‘rape culture’ (in which lad mags, Grand Theft Auto, Robin Thicke and rape myths create a wallpaper to the everyday reality of violence against women) boys are groomed as the consumers of porn. Anytime free access to hardcore porn is the best thing about the Internet according to a 15 year old boy in Beeban Kidron’s film, InRealLife. With gonzo porn the most popular, that’s anytime free access to male sexual violence against women.

I imagine that Kate Moss, who can do no wrong even in the eyes of a cool feminist and fashion journalist like Hadley Freeman, is likely to boost Playboy’s cool factor and in turn, normalise its attitudes about women a whole lot more. Many of London’s Grimrose Hill set (Nick Grimshaw, who reportedly paid for a stripper to amuse Harry Styles’ on his 18th, is in the club) considered by the media as the capital’s cool crowd, were also in attendance at London’s Playboy Club, the venue for the British Fashion Awards after party. Daisy Lowe (who posed nude for Playboy) Pixie Geldof, Alexa Chung, Harry Styles, Poppy Delevinge and Rita Ora joined Moss at the pornographer’s Mayfair club.

From stripping for the Pirelli Calendar to pole dancing in a White Stripes video, what is Moss, one of the few role models available to girls, glamorising? Younger and younger girls is what the male demand for the porn and sex Industries want. Moss joins a bandwagon of celebrities who have aligned themselves with Playboy: child friendly stars including Justin Timberlake have filmed music videos at Playboy Mansion, where child friendly actors like Lindsay Lohan party. Model Lily Cole posed in a particularly girl child-like Playboy shoot. Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe did not pose nude for his interview with Playboy.

As the feminist movement is flourishing, firing young women into activism against mainstream sexism and winning prizes in the arts, Moss and north London’s in-crowd appear blind or uncaring to what is truly counter culture, and cool.

I don’t agree with singling out women for responsibility for the institutionalised and ingrained sexism that limits, hurts, destroys and kills girls and women. It is the work of men, and men in power. Men making money and power off women’s backs. Yet our too few female icons and role models are sending a strong message about what women are for. A recent Girl Guides survey found that 6 out of 10 girls have had comments about their appearance shouted at them at school, 7 out of 10 girls aged 13 and over report sexual harassment at school or college and 75% of girls aged 11 and over think sexism affects most areas of their lives. Laura Bates describes the Girls’ Attitudes Survey 2013 as an ‘urgent wake-up call’ reflecting the ‘sexism and harassment on a regular basis’ experienced by girls and young women who contact the Everyday Sexism Project she founded.

Now Katniss, there’s a role model…

Read more about Playboy grooming girls and the school girls who rejected the porn brand

Want more facts about how much Playboy hates men as well as women? Go to Bin The Bunny

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