Remember Reeva

It’s one month since Reeva Steenkamp was killed by a man who got famous. Coverage of her death has largely made that man more famous. Historically, men who kill women become anti-heroes or legends. I say let’s remember Reeva.

February 14 2012 saw the biggest global action to end male violence against women in our history. One Billion Rising. Reeva Steenkamp was visiting her boyfriend on this  Valentine’s Day. He shot her at least three times.  He took her life away from her.

BBC News covered the killing of Reeva by giving two people who met Oscar Pistorius a platform to gush about him at length, and then express how very surprised they are that he is in this situation. The Sun remembered Reeva. But not in a good way. It ran a gratuitous cover of Reeva, a model, unzipping her bikini. Human rights groups and journalists like Marina Hyde were rightly angered. Like hello? Leveson Enquiry? The Sun, like all red tops, only recognizes females for their flesh. I say remember Reeva for her humanity. I didn’t know Reeva Steenkamp. BBC3’s documentary, Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened introduces me to her housemate and best friend, Gina Myers. Gina and Reeva were so loving and close that Reeva texted Gina that she loved her most nights. Gina says that Reeva was, ‘this incredible bubbley person’, who was ‘magnificent on the inside’ and ‘made her laugh’. Gina’s sorrow at losing her friend is still raw. A picture emerges of Reeva as an amazingly thoughtful, giving friend, who values closeness, who will go that extra mile. Gina recalls the time she got a new job that was a two hour drive away. Reeva didn’t want her making the journey alone and insisted she accompany her there and back, giving Gina photos to remember their ‘road trip’. Reeva was so positive and encouraging to her friend, texting her, ‘You’ll be awesome, I love you.’

The documentary tells me that Reeva was on the cusp of becoming a big name in South Africa, following her appearance on a reality show set in Jamaica. Footage shows Reeva being gracious, philosophical and grateful for the experience. ‘Always be true to yourself’ she says, to conclude her thoughts. Reeva was a former law student and model so her relationship with Pistorius inevitably drew the celeb mags to her. The editor of Heat described her as a ‘pleasure to work with’; another reporter describes how down to earth she remained despite the open gates to celeb land.

I’d never heard of Oscar Pistorius before this so I don’t know how to spell his name without checking. I say lets know how to spell STEENKAMP first.

One thought on “Remember Reeva

  1. What a fabulous quote! Oscar is ceratinly an incredible role model for all of us. I have been hunting for diy posters for my class and I think I’ll be borrowing this photo from you. Thrilled to have stumbled across your blog. It isn’t easy finding blogs written by teachers working in self-contained classroom and a bonus is that you are in Ontario too!!


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