Pole-dancing: just what kids telly and sports day needs

The sex industry continues its mythical infiltration into kids’ – and all our – lives with a lovely new video from dance act Nero.

The video for Guilt portrays a pole dancer performing in a high-end strip club for some johns who, we are to believe, are Japanese businessmen, too. (The pole dancer is a white westerner, nice mix of sexism and racism there). As usual, we are to understand that, because of the glamorous setting and bad ass attitude of the pole dancer, this pole dancing lark is incredibly exciting and empowering for women, especially as this one takes off her face mask to release some superpower lighty stuff at the end. The woman asks the john, ‘Would you like to see the special show?’ and some trickery ensues where her legs are elongated to cartoonish proportions. Now normally, this question means, ‘Would you like to pay a ridiculous amount of cash, that will mostly go to the management, to go into a private room where I shall give you a blow job and you can suck my tits and stick your fingers and/or penis inside my vagina?’ Any man who goes to a strip club and thinks he is not a john is deluded.

And so, another video to feed the very silly but frankly dangerous myth that pole-dancers, like women in prostitution, are actually aroused by the johns that pay for them and feel all empowered like Kate Moss and Billie Piper, is reaching the kids who think MTV is cool. Equally silly and dangerous is the current attempt to make pole-dancing an Olympic sport. Pole-dancing is part of the sex industry, that is where it started, that is where women who pole dance ‘work’. Christ, isn’t the overt sexualisation or complete devaluation of women in sport enough for us to contend with.


For a taster of how truly miserable it is to work in the sex industry, read my interview with a lap dancer here

And for the full picture on what being a pole dancer is actually like, and how the industry really operates, read Julie Bindel’s report, Profitable Exploits! Lap dancing in the UK here

Julie Bindel’s findings include:
* working conditions and terms of employment of lap dancers are exploitative

* Dancers are subjected to humiliation and sexual harassment on a regular basis, from customer and staff/management

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