Rapists can carry on as normal says Government

While the taxpayer is paying £12 million (plus £1 million for policing costs) for the woman and gay hating Pope to visit Britain tomorrow, the government have announced more cuts directed at women. This time, it’s the women who men have raped. A major review of the way the police handle rape cases has been dropped. The review was prompted by a series of high-profile police blunders, such as the John Worboys case – the London taxi driver, who attacked hundreds of women because officers did not believe victims’ reports. There are plenty of cases that don’t make the news of course. Working with women who have been raped, I’ve heard it many times: the police didn’t even bother to collect evidence or visit the crime scene. This isn’t the first time the Coalition have shown their cluelessness when it comes to men’s violence against women. Earlier this year they planned to grant anonymity to defendants in rape cases, protecting men when it’s women who badly need protection from violent men and a legal system that rarely gives them justice. Thankfully, after much effort from the women’s sector, the plans were shelved. The thing is, it’s not rape victims who cost the state money, it’s men. If they didn’t stalk, sexually assault or beat up half of the women in England and Wales every year, the state would save an annual £40 billion. The Tory / Liberal’s position on women is becoming very clear. We’re not worthy but a man who has women and children’s blood on his hands the world over, thanks to his anti-abortion and anti-condom beliefs that have helped the global spread of Aids, is.

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