Kanye West and Jay-Z want to fuck and eat dead women

The biggest names in hip hop, led by Kanye West, have outgrown pimping women and treating them like sex objects. In his new video, Monster, yet to be officially released, West and his pals prefer their women unconscious, drugged up to the eyeballs or in corpse form. West molests dead or drugged women on a bed, Jay-Z performs in front of what looks like a naked murder victim, dead women hang from the ceilings by chains around their necks and Rick Ross sits in front of a plate of raw meat between a dead or drugged woman’s legs – implying feasting on women’s vaginas or internal organs is the latest way to consume them. All the guys seem to be pretty chuffed with what’s going on, lounging in pimpy velvet robes and all. All the women are in their underwear of course, are white and look like the pick of teenage models. Nicki Minaj features but gets to appear alive. Eroticising male violence against women is the way to use them in pop video narratives – Justin Timberlake favours stalking, 50 Cent and Timbaland like to control women in the sex industry and Katy Perry likes to get naked for pimp dog Snoop. Read about the trend in my piece The Ponification of Pop. HipHopConnection.com leaked a video teaser of Monster. Will Universal Music Group and MTV promote its woman hating? A petition from human rights groups to prevent the video’s official release can be signed at:


Of course, tweeting self-promoter West is partial to his sexist publicity stunts. I particularly hated his pimp-like appearance at the 2006 Brit awards with a bunch of gold-painted women in thongs. Women are Gold Diggers, sang West, as he used their bodies to make himself richer. The Guardian recently reported that his album cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was intended to be banned, according to the artist who painted the depiction of West and a nude armless, white angel.


Thanks to UK Feminsta for running this story.

One thought on “Kanye West and Jay-Z want to fuck and eat dead women

  1. Great great review on this disgusting video. I wish I could personally meet these pigs (“men”) that created this hateful misogynistic piece of shit and hang them naked by their stinking balls!! Women give life-why are we fking hated so much?! My revenge is to never give any love or acknowledgement to these nasty hateful “people!” I get hit on all of the time by black men and I hate it. Infact-I hate men. They made me hate them because they keep making videos like this-they try and dictate what we should look like and wear-who we should love…they rape us-murder us-kill our babies-buy trafficked sex slaves-molest-assault-date rape-hate their mothers-mess up women and girl’s heads-make terrible videos tv and films starring-guess who-oh I could go on..This is all extreme feminist backlash. All over the world-every single day women and girls are suffering. Blogs like yours shall open people’s eyes!! Thank you sister!


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