About the Author

With lap-dancing clubs and lad mags the new nineties normal, I stopped editing magazines for kids and teenagers to write about the way the sex and porn industries are hijacking popular culture and young people’s sexualities. I’ve interviewed page 3 girls, lap dancers, women who have survived prostitution and profiled the women, and men, who work to end male sexual violence for The Guardian, The Independent, The Big Issue, The Times, The First Post, the F-Word and the Fawcett Society. My biog also includes writing a careers book for teenage girls and a novel on teen gang rape. Volunteer work includes counselling survivors of rape through Eaves and campaigning with Object to challenge media sexism. More recently I contributed to a Tes special on Sex Education and joined a Radio 5 Live panel on Being A Man. These days I blog at Huffington Post, am an Ambassador for Oasis domestic abuse service, a Trustee of Not Buying It, and volunteer with Rape Crisis. Challenging Gender Stereotypes and the Porn and Sex Industries, and advocating for up-to-date Healthy Relationships Education have become my focus. Because it is cruel and reckless to leave kids to navigate the culture of sexting, photo-sharing and revenge porn by themselves, to leave hardcore porn to fill the sex ed gap. I’m a mother of two primary age boys.

If you are interested in the Gender Equality policy I have written for pre-schools and primaries or booking my talks on Challenging Gender Stereotypes and Sexualisation or Talking about Consent from primary age do get in touch on Twitter.